Panasonic DentaCare EW-DC12 - Tooth brush

Panasonic DentaCare EW-DC12 - Tooth brush
Ražotāja kods: EW-DC12-W503
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Discover the Panasonic DentaCare EW-DC12, an electric toothbrush designed to transform your oral health care routine. Engineered with precision, it offers a fully washable design, ensuring effortless cleaning and maintenance. Experience personalized care with three brushing modes, including sensitive and soft, tailored to meet your specific oral health needs. The EW-DC12 is powered by a robust lithium-ion battery, providing up to 90 minutes of operating autonomy on a full charge of 17 hours, making it perfect for daily use and travel. Features such as the Soft Start function and an intuitive LED display with a 30-second timer further enhance your brushing experience, promoting optimal oral hygiene. Embrace a new level of oral care with the Panasonic DentaCare EW-DC12.

  • Fully washable design for easy maintenance
  • Three brushing modes to suit various oral care needs
  • 90 minutes of operating autonomy with a lithium-ion battery
  • Soft Start function for gentle brushing
  • LED display and 30-second timer for optimized use

  • Effortless cleaning
    The Panasonic DentaCare EW-DC12 features a fully washable design, making it incredibly easy to keep clean and maintain for optimal oral health.
  • Advanced brushing modes
    With three brushing modes including sensitive and soft, this electric toothbrush caters to a variety of oral care needs, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning experience.
  • Long-lasting power
    Equipped with a lithium-ion battery and offering up to 90 minutes of operating autonomy, the EW-DC12 ensures you can enjoy multiple brushing sessions on a single full charge of 17 hours.
  • Innovative features
    The Soft Start function gradually increases power after startup, protecting sensitive gums, while the LED display and 30-second timer aid in achieving a thorough clean every time.

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Ražotājs Panasonic
Produkta līnija Panasonic DentaCare
Krāsa Balta
Ražotāja kods 5025232920358
Produkta līnija Panasonic DentaCare
Ražotājs Panasonic
Personal Care / Product Type Tooth brush
Personal Care / Category Oral health care
Electric Toothbrushes / Brushing Modes Sensitive, Soft
Electric Toothbrushes / Brushing Modes Qty 3
Personal Care / Oscillations per Minute 31000
Jauda / Battery Charging Yes
Jauda / Jaudas avots Battery
Krāsa Balta
Dimensijas / Platums 2.5
Dimensijas / Dziļums 2.7
Dimensijas / Augstums 23.2
Citi / Operating Autonomy 90
Header / Model EW-DC12